In the year 200X . . . humanity has entered a new age—the Network Age—due to the advancement of the Internet. Each person carries his or her own PET, short for Personal Terminal, and each PET contains an artificial intelligence program called a NetNavi (or NetNavigator). While the invention of the PET and NetNavis has brought great benefits to the lives of humans around the world, computer hacking, virus spreading, and other high-tech crimes are becoming a major problem.

Lan Hikari is a boy who lives in DenTech City. Lan’s father programs a personal NetNavi for him as a present for graduating to the fifth grade. Lan’s new NetNavi’s name is MegaMan.

Lan and his friends Dex, Maylu, and Yai at DenTech Academy team up with their respective NetNavis MegaMan, GutsMan, Roll, and Glide to solve problems on the Internet that are causing chaos in DenTech City. In doing so, they discover that the instigator of these mysterious crimes is an evil syndicate known as World Three.

In one battle after another, MegaMan confronts the sinister NetNavis and computer viruses of World Three. Sometimes assisted by the secret Net Agents, or by the genius NetBattler Chaud, Lan and MegaMan courageously fight evil in the cyberworld and gradually uncover World Three’s true objective . . .

Who could be this mysterious, ultimate NetNavi that Mr. Wily, the head of World Three, seeks relentlessly? What are MegaMan’s hidden powers? Will the friendship and teamwork of NetOps and their NetNavis conquer the evil ambitions of World Three? In his quest to become the best NetBattler ever, Lan’s cry will echo throughout DenTech City again today: