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      Company Profile
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      In the past 30 years, having seized up the opportunity brought by reform and opening up of China and its rapid economic development, Hailiang always adheres to the developmental philosophy of “People First, Honesty Win-win”, gaining respect and trust from clients and the society. From a small private enterprise, Hailiang has become a large international private-owned group which takes non-ferrous metals, real estate construction, agricultural food, environmental protection, basic education and industrial finance as focus boasting 5 listed companies at home and aboard with its assets totaling RMB 71.1 billion Yuan.

      The 28-year period has witnessed Hailiang’s cross over from a pure processing enterprise to an inter-disciplinary group. Depending on excellent talents and edge-cutting technology, Hailiang is committed to solving the most challenging topic, shifting its priority from products to the concerns for the society and human, and leading the industry based on responsibility and integrity. Its comprehensive strength ranked the 113rd in Top 500 Chinese enterprises, the 13th in Top 500 private Chinese enterprises and the 3rd in Top 100 Zhejiang enterprises.

      Hailiang was awarded “National May Day Award in China”, “National Advanced Basic Party Organization in China”, “National Civilization Unit in China” and “National Demo Labor Relationship Harmonization Enterprise in China” in succession. Ms. FENG Yali, Group Chairman and Party Secretary, was elected as representative of the 18th CPC National Congress. Mr. PAN Jinsheng, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, was the alternative member of 17th CPC National Congress.

      Hailiang invariably assumes: enterprises are held liable for the development of the world as the role they may play in the public. Who doesn't study for overall situation is hardly to manage for one aspect; who has no long-term consideration is hardly to organize temporarily; and who lacks sympathy for others is hardly to be helped. Planted with gratitude deep down, Hailiang treats the relationship among “employees, suppliers, clients, the government, the public and the environment” with due care in order to benefit more people by its own development.

      Hailiang will suit our action to the word.